Real Estate in South Florida


At 7 East, we understand that searching for a home is more than finding 3 bedrooms with 2 baths in a certain area:  Its about finding a wise investment that works best for your lifestyle, your family, and your tastes, in a great neighborhood.  It’s no secret every buyer has different needs and desires, but those internet searches just don’t tell the whole story and can result in a lot of wasted time looking at homes or condos that are just not right for you.  At 7 East, our proprietary and personalized matchmaking service ensures the properties you see are great matches for ALL of needs and desires.  With expert knowledge of the local neighborhoods, detailed understanding of the Condo buildings, and a keen eye on the pulse and trends in local area, 7 East can find the perfect match for you!!!!

If you are an investor,  7 East’s expert understanding of the local housing market, trends in prices and neighborhoods, in-depth knowledge of the local Condo market and inside scoop on the buildings, combines with a team of professionals to offer unique insights and comprehensive support to help you achieve your goals.